Writers' Lab

Writers' Lab

Everyman Theatre Writers' Lab

The Writers' Lab consists of up to 18 writers who wish to develop and explore their scriptwriting skills in a theatre environment.

The group is overseen by the Everyman's Creative Director, Paul Milton ((website)), and meets 8 – 10 times a year on a weekday evening, usually 5.45 – 8.30pm, in the theatre. Sometimes there is a guest speaker; otherwise, there is an opportunity for writers' scripts to be read by professional actors followed by group feedback. Recently the Writers' Lab has worked alongside the Everyman's Actors' Lab to explore how devised theatre can progress to script.


Revised session schedule as of August 18, 2020

Please contact the Creative Director Paul Milton for further information, or to book paul.milton@everymantheatre.org.uk.

Thursday 10th September 5.45-8.30pm A socially distanced writers' workshop in the main auditorium, led by Paul Milton